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Louis Koo and Gao Yuanyuan rendez-vous in Switzerland Enjoying romantic moments – FIYTA 2014 New Commercial Release

The themed advertisement tells about an elite in the financing field played by Louis Koo. He struggled in Zurich, the financial center of Europe. Busy in work, he neglects people around him. One day, he and his girlfriend, played by Gao Yuanyuan, agreed to meet in Zurich, let down their heavy work and life pressure and enjoy their own romantic moments. The two lovers know that they are around each other and have each other in hearts, but are busy in finding their life goal and neglect each other. Finally, they want to stop and care about people around them and enjoy life. In the TVC, both Louis Koo and Gao Yuanyuan wear the new watches launched by FIYTA in 2014. Louis Koo is wearing Photographer Collection watch while Gao Yuanyuan is wearing Heartstrings Collection.