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In 2014 Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, FIYTA Created Mysterious “Video World”

Creative Exhibition Created Mysterious “Video World”

FIYTA continuously keeps a watchful eye on shooting culture. In 2013, it has established a “Time Medal” Award and held the first “Time Medal” photographer award ceremony, which got strong support from masters in art and photograph fields.

On this Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, FIYTA innovated once again by making a bold attempt on photography culture in exhibition design. The whole exhibition hall was designed as a semi-closed dark room for photographers, decorated by hundreds of red lights. Tens of washing basin presented different themes of FIYTA’s films, thousands of photographs deliberately selected were arranged around, to create a mysterious and human video world for visitors and pass on the concept of “Catching Joyous Moment” of FIYTA Photographer Collection of this year.