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FIYTA with Gao Yuanyuan in Changchun, Launching Heartstrings Collection

“Heartstring” in New York, Touch Changchun

During the New York Fashion Week, Gao Yuanyuan, FIYTA’s spokeswoman, was wearing Heartstrings Collection to attend various big brand shows. Her image of a confident and elegant light-sophisticated lady became the spotlight of various media at home and abroad. Different watch models from the Heartstrings Collection accompanying Gao Yuanyuan incarnated as a New Yorker, feeling the free, passionate, modern and romantic New York spirit on the streets. Gao Yuanyuan also visited New York streets in videos and memories, recording the touching moments with FIYTA watches in New York.

Infinite Time, Speechless Love

On the launch, the Heartstrings Collection Charity Special Wristwatch that Gao Yuanyuan participated in designing, attracted lots of attention. The watch adopts delicate and gentle mother-of-pearl disk, having a texture as unique as people’s fingerprints; its inherent nobleness, coupled with patient selection and exquisite craftsmanship, makes it brilliant and lustrous. In addition, a ribbon-like staff screen printed from far to near embodies feminine gentleness and beauty. It is deduced from phoenix leather and the design is inspired by Chopin’s nocturnes; it endows the romantic temperament of the piano poet on the watch and brings a unique charm to the watch wearers.

The charity watch has a watchband embedding rose gold granules in refined steel and is inlayed with six section, 24 magnificent zircon. There are only 999 limited edition in the world, and the money gained from the sales will be donated to the “Chinese Foundation for Teacher Development”, to help teachers in poverty have better work and living conditions, and continue to pass on love.

Besides the charity watch, there is also the unlimited mellow ceramics chain model, which is also a touching selection for elegant women.