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FIYTA:Changing the concept of reading time

In 2014, FIYTA 3D Watch won the Red Dot Design Award, the global “Oscars” in industrial design. This was the second time that FIYTA won the award, the previous instance being 2010’s prize for Shenzhou VII Watch.

Established in 1995, Red Dot Design Award is the most respected and recognized design award across the world. It aims to find the perfect amalgamation of cutting-edge creativity and practicality. Over the past two years, a magnificent upgrade has taken place on the uniquely designed watch ensuring that it has a brilliant new look. This newly designed 3D watch will make its amazing debut at BaselWorld 2016.

Innovative 3D Time Reading

FIYTA is committed to creating the perfect blend of art and innovation and infusing it into time technology. With their new 3D watch, the act of reading time on a watch will never be the same again. Not only can you read the time from the front, but from the side as well at the six o’ clock position. The uniqueness of this watch lies in its two reading angles. However, it is not just innovation that is up for judgment here. Its unique appearance, splendid structural design and fine craftsmanship make this a true masterpiece.

Futuristic Time Dome Design

A watch is not just a time telling instrument. It is a piece of art, in fact, 3D art. The deeply curved glass resembles a dome, instantly giving it a futuristic feel in terms of design and technology. The dial could well be an alien spaceship, thanks to this surreal design. One of the entrancing features of this watch is that the movement’s rhythm can be observed through the glass bottom cover, imbuing it with a dynamic and rich feel.

Fashion Sense Creates Individual Design

A splash of color on the black dial of this 3D watch helps create a sense of fashion for users. Numerals appear in colors such as fresh orange, sky blue and fluorescent green, which are especially luminous at night, aiding in reading time. The white, black and chocolate brown vertically brushed dial enhances the colors and gives the dial a novel look. The strap fits snugly on the wrist and can be worn or removed with ease. Whether you choose the colorful minimalist strap or the stylish, calf-leather strap to match the dial, you can be sure that your watch makes a powerful fashion statement.

FIYTA Beyond the Moment

FIYTA has always adhered to its concept “Beyond the Moment”. FIYTA has independently developed tourbillion movement, aerospace movement, new watch materials and innovative designs. With its exquisite craftsmanship, FIYTA has witnessed China’s space exploration, and was even used as the timekeeping device during Asian Winter Games, Asian Sailboat Championship, Extreme Rally and other international sports events. Each FIYTA watch creates a comfortable wearing experience, and brings aesthetic value and the eternal spirit of beyond the moment into its precise and exquisite design, craftsmanship and assembly. Providing precision time keeping, FIYTA watches play a role in every personal and social aspect of the wearer, and carry connotations of the eternal enterprising spirit.


Model: WGA868001.BBB

Movement: Imported automatic mechanical movement

Case: Stainless steel, black IP-coated

Lens: Double-dome, polycarbonate

Bottom cover: Translucent sapphire threaded cover

Strap: Calf-leather strap, two-tone Nato nylon strap

Water-resistance: 30m

Thickness: 13.9 mm