Watch movement

Fiyta manual-winding multi-functional mechanical movemen

During the extra-vehicular activities (EVA) of Shenzhen VII, both the astronaut and the watch that he wore would be exposed to harsh and potentially-perilous environment. Fiyta’s engineers were well-prepared to develop the complex mechanical movement for the wristwatch.

Fiyta multi-functional self-winding mechanical movement

This movement was first applied to the Extreme Collection, with improvements made to each new version. It was also an indispensible part of the Chinese motorcycle team that competed in the 2010 Dakar Rally.

Meticulous development of precision tourbillon movement

Fiyta's Republic 60th Birthday tourbillon wristwatch comes with an exquisitely-treated rose-gold plate with imprinted fish-scale motifs, completed by 45º oak-bevel.

Research and development in materials

Fiyta scored a breakthrough in 2007 when it independently developed a process to strengthen materials called ATiC for its wristwatches, for which it holds the relevant patents. The ATiC material is harder than normal steel or titanium and more comfortable to the human skin.

Stainless steel was used as the base material, with a layer of DLC coated over it. This enabled the wristwatch to be more durable. It also gave it glossy sheen.

Design creativity

International awards:

  • In 2010, the "Extravehicular Space Watch Collector’s Edition” received the Red Dot design award.
  • In 2009, the “Extravehicular Space Watch Collector’s Edition" received the Best Materials Design award under CIDF.
  • In 2008 Fiyta was honored with three major CDIF awards. The company’s ‘Flip’ wristwatch received the Gold Award; the 'Square Memory’ wristwatch received the Outstanding Award and the Creative Design Department received the Best Design Team award.
  • In 2007 Fiyta’s Houyi Divine Bow wristwatch received the 2nd China Innovative Designs Red Star Award.
FIYTA Watch Design Competition

Launched in 2003, the FIYTA Watch Design Competition has already been held successfully for three occasions and famous industry titans both in China and abroad were invited to be judges. This is recognized as China’s most authoritative competitive event in the clock and watch design arena. The competition aims to encourage creativity and discover talent; as part of international brand collaboration, this also reflects FIYTA's perception toward clocks and watches, as well as the concept of time.

Organizing and Participating in International Clock and Watch Industrial Standards

Since 2003, watch making experts from FIYTA have represented China’s clock and watch industry many times to participate in work meetings of the clock and watch technological committee of the International Organization for Standardization. FIYTA jointly revised international standards for the clock and watch industry with other people in the clock and watch arena from Switzerland, Germany and other countries.

In May 2009, FIYTA hosted the Clock and Watch International Standardization Conference. It coordinated experts from various countries in the world to jointly formulate and revise international standards for the clock and watch industry.